What is Prosekar Wine?

“Prosekar” is a Croatian dessert wine produced in the area around the city of Trieste.

This region has historical ties to Italy and Slovenia, and “Prosekar” is a lesser-known wine with connections to both countries.

The name “Prosekar” is thought to have originated from the Italian word “prosecco”, used to describe the sparkling wine produced in Italy’s Prosecco region.

However, it is vital to note that “Prosekar” is a distinct and separate wine from Prosecco, as it is a dessert wine, not a sparkling wine.

Additionally, “Prosekar” is produced in Croatia, not Slovenia, differentiating it from Prosecco. While “Prosekar” may share some linguistic and geographical connections with Prosecco, it is a unique wine with distinct qualities and characteristics.