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What Is The Prosecco Name Dispute Between Italy and Australia?

The Prosecco name dispute between Italy and Australia involves using the name “Prosecco” for a type of sparkling wine.

Prosecco is a region in northeastern Italy that exclusively produces this sparkling wine. It has been granted protected designation of origin (PDO) status by the European Union, meaning that only sparkling wine produced in the Prosecco region can legally be called “Prosecco.”

However, Australian winemakers have been producing a similar type of sparkling wine and labeling it as “Prosecco,” which has caused a dispute between Italy and Australia over the use of the name.

Italy has argued that “Prosecco” is a geographical indication that should be protected and reserved exclusively for wines produced in the Prosecco region of Italy. Italy has been seeking recognition of “Prosecco” as a protected geographical indication in international trade agreements, which would restrict the use of the name to wines produced in the Prosecco region of Italy.

On the other hand, Australia has been resisting Italy’s efforts and arguing that “Prosecco” has become a generic term for a type of sparkling wine and should not be restricted to wines produced only in the Prosecco region of Italy.

The dispute remains unresolved, and Australian winemakers continue to produce and label their sparkling wine as “Prosecco,” while Italian winemakers continue to seek protection for the name.

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