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Join Prosecco Ventures in creating a global lifestyle brand that delivers exceptional quality and style.

Vision & Mission

Attention Prosecco Partners!

Join Prosecco Ventures in creating a global lifestyle brand that brings the good life to every sip.

Our vision is to build Prosecco’s most recognized brand, known for its exceptional quality, style, and commitment to delivering more than just bubbles in a bottle.

Our mission is to win over the next generation of experience-seeking drinkers with our top-quality Prosecco and make Bella Principessa a household name.

Join us
Natalie Goldstein holding two bottles of Bella Principessa Prosecco against the Asolo vineyards in the Prosecco region

Our Story

We couldn’t find a Prosecco brand that met our pride, excitement, and sophistication expectations.

So, we created Bella Principessa – the perfect premium Prosecco for sharing with family and friends.

As an independent family-owned wine brand, we take great pride in every bottle that bears our name.

We are building a global lifestyle brand for the next generation of experience-seeking drinkers, which sets us apart from the sea of uninspired competition.

Sparkle with us
Prosecco Partners: Bella Principessa Prosecco stockists in the Prosecco hills of Veneto, Italy.

Our Markets

Partner with Bella Principessa Prosecco and become part of a rising star in the wine industry.

Despite the dominance of a few conglomerates in the top 10 most valuable wine brands, we’re confident that our premium prosecco brand has the potential to join this elite list.

We’re seeking partnerships with distributors, hotels, bars, restaurants, and retailers who share our passion for quality and excellence.

Together, we can make Bella Principessa Prosecco a household name.

Contact us to learn more about potential partnership possibilities.

Become a stockist
Michael Goldstein,, Agency Services for Beverage Brands

Agency Services

Fast-Track Your Product to Market offers two agency services: work with us to create a unique and exclusive drinks brand with our team of experts or stock our internationally trademarked beverage brands.

Our elite team of experts, including specialists in branding, packaging, writing, web design, coding, and growth strategy, will collaborate to elevate and position your drink’s brand for success.

Our streamlined process brings your product to market in months, saving you both time and money.

Hire us
Prosecco Partners: Michael Goldstein, CEO and Founder of Prosecco Ventures, stands confidently in front of a Prosecco vineyard.


Raise a toast to friendship with Bella Principessa Prosecco!

Invest in the Future of Prosecco and become part of a community of Prosecco enthusiasts, strategic partners, venture capitalists, and angel investors to make Bella Principessa Prosecco the most recognized brand in the industry. makes it easy for wine buyers to find us, whether they know our brand or not.

Our unique approach emphasizes guaranteed online discovery and a global lifestyle brand that appeals to the next generation of experience-seeking drinkers.

The success of Bella Principessa lays a strong foundation for future expansion, and our complementary brands provide even more opportunities beyond our premium Prosecco focus.

Sparkle with us, expect significant returns and become a part of the Bella Principessa legacy.

We have set the stage for an unprecedented opportunity to establish Prosecco’s most recognized premier brand of choice in a vast market ripe for disruption.

Prosecco Partners: Join our team and take your career to the next level with Prosecco Ventures.

Work With Us

Take your career to the next level

Join our team and be part of something extraordinary.

At Prosecco Ventures, we’re crafting a global lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit of the dolce vita way of life that is far more exciting than just bubbles in a bottle.

We’re seeking like-minded individuals who share our passion for exceptional experiences and premium beverages to join us on this journey to success.

You’ll work alongside driven and ambitious free-thinkers unafraid to challenge the status quo and make Bella Principessa Prosecco’s most requested premier brand!

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