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What are the different styles of Sparkling Prosecco?

When exploring “What are the different styles of Sparkling Prosecco?”, it’s crucial to understand the types and sugar levels that define each style’s taste profile.

Prosecco, a gem in the sparkling wine world, is celebrated in brands like Bella Principessa Prosecco and Signorina Prosecco, showcasing this Italian classic’s diverse and exquisite styles.

Effervescence Levels and Sugar Content

The effervescence of Prosecco is a defining feature, categorized mainly into three types:

  1. Spumante: The iconic sparkling Prosecco, known for its fine, long-lasting perlage. The sugar content in Spumante varies and is classified into:
    • Brut: Less than 12 g/l of residual sugar, offering a drier taste.
    • Extra Dry: Between 12-17 g/l, providing a balance of sweetness.
    • Dry: Ranging from 17-32 g/l, noticeably sweet but not overly so.
    • Demi-Sec: Between 32-50 g/l, leaning towards the sweeter side, approaching dessert wine territory.
  2. Frizzante: Semi-sparkling with a gentler fizz and often sweeter than Spumante.
  3. Tranquillo: The still variant of Prosecco, with no bubbles and a deeper color, rare outside of Italy​​​​.

Quality Levels

Two main quality classifications exist in Prosecco:

  • DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata): The standard quality level, with broader production areas.
  • DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita): Higher quality, specific to regions like Asolo, Valdobbiadene, and Conegliano​​​​.

The historical journey of Prosecco, from its humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated sparkling wine, is fascinating. Prosecco must be made predominantly from Glera grapes, produced in certain Italian regions, and crafted using the Charmat method, lending it a unique freshness and fruity flavor​​​​.


Prosecco’s allure lies in its variety – from the vibrant bubbles of Spumante to the tranquil grace of Tranquillo and its range of sweetness levels. Luxury champagne alternative brands like Bella Principessa and Signorina Prosecco exemplify this diversity, making Prosecco a versatile and beloved choice among sparkling wine aficionados.

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