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How Many Calories in Prosecco?

Understanding the calorie content in Prosecco can be crucial for those who enjoy this sparkling wine while being mindful of their diet. Prosecco, known for its delightful effervescence and taste, varies in calorie count based on its style and sugar content.

Calories in Different Styles of Prosecco

A standard 125ml glass of Prosecco typically contains about 80 calories, but this can range between 60 and 120 calories depending on the style of Prosecco. A standard 750ml bottle usually has between 495 to 600 calories. The sugar content influences the calorie count in each style:

  • Extra Brut Prosecco: The driest form of Prosecco contains the least sugar and calories, ranging between 60-80 calories per glass.
  • Brut Prosecco: A slightly sweeter style than Extra Brut, with around 91-98 calories per glass.
  • Extra Dry Prosecco: Despite its name suggesting otherwise, this style is sweeter, containing around 98-101 calories per glass.
  • Dry Prosecco: Even sweeter, with about 101-111 calories per glass.
  • Demi-Sec Prosecco: The sweetest style, containing around 110-120 calories per serving.

So, How Many Calories Are in Prosecco?

For those mindful of their calorie intake, Prosecco is a commendable choice among alcoholic beverages. A standard glass typically contains around 1.5g of sugar and 80 calories, but this varies across brands.

For perspective, three glasses of Prosecco equate to the calorie content of a Mayo Chicken Burger from McDonald’s. Although an occasional glass doesn’t disrupt a healthy diet significantly, unchecked consumption can lead to a substantial caloric accumulation.

Prosecco Vs. Other Alcoholic Beverages

In comparison to other alcoholic beverages, Prosecco generally emerges as a more calorie-conscious choice:

  • A pint of beer can contain between 180 to 210 calories.
  • Ciders may have around 220 calories, with sweeter varieties containing even more.
  • Spirits like vodka, whiskey, tequila, and rum range between 90 to 110 calories per shot, but the calorie count can increase significantly with sugary or full-fat mixers.
  • A full-bodied glass of red wine may contain up to 160 calories, while a glass of white wine, like Sauvignon Blanc, has around 120 calories.
  • Dessert wines like Port can contain as much as 165 calories per glass.

Health Benefits of Prosecco

Despite its calorie content, Prosecco offers some health benefits due to its low sugar content, especially in Brut varieties. These benefits include good heart health, improved skin condition, reduced risk of diabetes, and the potential to aid memory.

How Do I Know Which Prosecco is Low-Cal?

Opting for Brut Prosecco is advisable for those looking to enjoy a great-tasting Prosecco while keeping calorie intake in check. It’s lower in residual sugar, meaning fewer calories and carbs, typically containing about 60-80 calories per 125ml glass.

Labels like ‘Extra Dry’ or ‘Dry’ can be slightly higher in sugar and calories but are often more enjoyable to drink. The sweetest Prosecco variant, Demi-sec, contains around 8 teaspoons of sugar per bottle and approximately 120 calories per glass.

Bella Principessa and Signorina Prosecco

When considering calorie-conscious Prosecco options, brands like Bella Principessa and Signorina Prosecco offer excellent choices. These brands often provide detailed information about their Prosecco styles, allowing consumers to make informed choices based on their dietary preferences.

Bella Principessa is a premium Prosecco brand known for its sophistication and casual elegance. Their Prosecco, including the Superiore and Rosé varieties, is crafted from single-estate vineyards, offering a guilt-free luxury experience due to its low-calorie and vegan-friendly profile.

The prosecco brand stands out with its fairy tale-inspired branding, emphasizing a playful and chic character. Their unique packaging, featuring ceramic-painted bottles, adds to the luxury and sustainability aspects of the brand, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Bella Principessa Prosecco is positioned as an affordable yet prestigious alternative to Champagne, perfect for trend-setters and conscious hedonists.

Why Are There Calories in Prosecco?

The presence of calories in food and drinks, including healthy options, is a universal truth. Typically, unhealthier foods pack more calories. For instance, a modest half-cup of grapes contains about 50 calories, starkly contrasting with a slice of cake, which can hold around 270 calories.

This principle extends to beverages, including alcoholic drinks like Prosecco. While Prosecco is generally less calorific than other wines – a glass might have about 60 calories less than an equivalent glass of wine – it still contributes to your daily caloric intake.

Prosecco’s lower calorie count is partly due to its reduced alcohol content, usually around 11-12% ABV, compared to about 15% in red wines. The traditional production method of Prosecco involves gentle pressing of grapes to extract the juice, followed by a cooling and settling process.

The fermentation of grapes’ natural sugars with yeast produces alcohol, CO2 (creating the bubbles), and heat. Prosecco’s effervescence is preserved by bottling it under pressure. Remember, the shorter the fermentation period, especially in sweeter Prosecco, the higher the residual sugar content, leading to more carbohydrates and calories per glass.


In summary, Prosecco offers a comparatively lower-calorie option for those enjoying alcoholic beverages while being mindful of their diet. Understanding the impact of residual sugar and choosing drier varieties can help maintain a balance between enjoying this sparkling delight and managing caloric intake.

Calories in Prosecco? Workout and enjoy them 🙂

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