What food should I pair with Prosecco?

Refreshing, versatile, and with moderate alcohol content, Prosecco is the ideal beverage for all occasions. Prosecco has become famous worldwide as a must at ‘aperitivo-time,’ which is not just limited to Italy anymore but is now an international phenomenon, with the ritual becoming iconic in Italian culture.

Thanks to its variable level of sweetness, it’s also suitable for drinking throughout a meal, especially during dinner when you want something crisp that will add more flavor to your mouth without overdoing it on the wine side.

We recommend that you serve Prosecco straight, never mixed, unless you make popular Prosecco cocktails like mimosa or Bellinis.

The secret of matching it with food is that success depends on taking its elegant, non-invasive personality into account and cooking methods to preserve original flavors.

Prosecco is a perfect drink for any occasion; its elegant, non-invasive personality makes an ideal pairing with food.

The secret of matching prosecco and food is to combine the delicate flavors of this sparkling wine with dishes that show off the quality ingredients through cooking methods that preserve their original flavors and aroma.