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LVMH Drinks Sales: Moët Hennessy’s Q3 Performance Review

Moët Hennessy’s organic revenue witnessed a noticeable 7% decline, amounting to €4.7 billion (US$4.98 billion) during the first nine months of 2023.

In the luxury spirits and beverages world, Moët Hennessy, the esteemed wine and spirits division of the renowned luxury conglomerate LVMH, stands as an iconic name synonymous with opulence and tradition. However, recent figures have unveiled a dip in their spirits sales, painting a rather contrasting picture against their usual grandeur.

This comprehensive analysis explores the intricacies of Moët Hennessy’s Q3 performance, dissecting the factors that have led to a notable decline in sales, particularly in the Cognac sector.

Unveiling the Numbers

According to reports from The Spirits Business, Moët Hennessy’s organic revenue witnessed a noticeable 7% decline, amounting to €4.7 billion (US$4.98 billion) during the first nine months of 2023.

The situation became even more pronounced during the third quarter, with sales plummeting by 14%, translating to €1.5 billion (US$1.6 billion).

The Spirits Stumble

The sharp decline in revenue can be attributed mainly to the spirits division, which experienced a staggering 14% decrease in the third quarter alone, following a less severe 3% drop in the first half of the year.

In contrast, the Wine and Champagne categories displayed resilience by marking a 2% rise during the same period.

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The Hennessy Conundrum

Hennessy, the flagship Cognac brand of LVMH, bore the brunt of these challenging times, primarily in the United States. Several factors converged to affect Hennessy’s performance in the US market, including the prevailing economic environment, the ‘normalization of demand’ post-COVID-19, and persistently high levels of retailer inventory.

In China, the story unfolded differently, with Moët Hennessy’s sales at the start of 2023 being adversely impacted by the ongoing pandemic and what was termed ‘unfavorable calendar phasing.’ Nonetheless, a glimmer of hope is on the horizon as Hennessy has gradually recovered in the Asian market.

LVMH’s Broader Perspective

While the spirits division faces challenges, LVMH has shown resilience. The conglomerate’s total revenue experienced remarkable growth, recording a 14% increase during the first nine months of 2023, with third-quarter sales rising by a noteworthy 9%. This suggests that the overall performance of LVMH is on an upward trajectory despite the challenges faced by the spirits sector.

The Bigger Picture: What Lies Ahead

The dynamics of the luxury spirits industry are intricate, influenced by many factors ranging from economic conditions to shifting consumer preferences. While the recent setback in Moët Hennessy’s spirits sales is a matter of concern, it’s essential to view this in broader industry trends.

Markets adjust to new norms as the world emerges from the pandemic’s shadow. Consumer behavior is evolving, and luxury brands are navigating uncharted waters. The challenges faced by Moët Hennessy could be seen as part of this larger landscape, where adaptability and innovation become critical drivers of success.


Moët Hennessy’s Q3 performance has raised eyebrows, particularly with the significant decline in spirits sales. Hennessy, the jewel in the crown of LVMH’s spirits portfolio, has faced challenges in the US and China. However, there are silver linings amidst the clouds, with LVMH continuing its growth trajectory.

Remembering that the luxury industry is a tapestry woven with intricate threads of tradition, innovation, and resilience is essential. Moët Hennessy’s journey through these challenging times will undoubtedly shape its future, and it remains a brand to watch as it navigates the ever-changing tides of the luxury spirits market. Read more about this behind Bloomberg’s paywall.

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