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How To Make A Passion Star Prosecco Cocktail: A Dance of Flavors

A step by step guide to making the enchanting Passion Star Prosecco Cocktail at home, formerly known as the P*rn Star Prosecco.

A Warm Italian Welcome

Ciao, belle e belli! Here, amidst the harmonious symphony of nature’s melody, we uncover the secret to a cocktail that captures the soul – the enchanting Passion Star Prosecco, formerly known as the P*rn Star Prosecco.

As the golden sun kisses the rolling hills of our Bella Italia, I extend a warm embrace, inviting you into a world where flavors dance, and spirits soar.

Meet the Charm

Conjured by the illustrious Jeff Benjamin, a maestro of flavors and a poet of the mixing glass, the Passion Star Prosecco is not just a drink but a celestial dance where sweet passionfruit waltzes with the crisp, eloquent notes of Bella Principessa Prosecco DOCG.

Ingredients For The Best Passion Star Prosecco

The Flavor Ballet

Ah, my dear friends, envision ripe passionfruit, its lush, sweet embrace intensified by the spirited kiss of vodka and the citrusy whisper of orange liqueur—a tale of passion, of summer nights where stars adorn the velvet sky.

The Aromatic Ensemble

Yet, amidst this tender dance, Bella Principessa Prosecco emerges, a chilled symphony of bubbles, echoing the silken touch of Italian vineyards kissed by the golden sun.

Crafting Elegance

Mixing with Passion

We begin our sonata with a graceful glass, cradling ice as delicate as a winter’s first snow. In the silent embrace of a mixing glass, passion fruit puree, Angel Spirits vodka, and Prosecco unite, a harmonious dance stirred with the tender touch of amore.

A Toast to Elegance

As this golden elixir graces the ice, a visual sonnet unveils, crowned with an orange slice or, perhaps, for the souls touched by poetic grace, a sprig of mint. Ah, salute, my friends, to an ensemble of flavors as captivating as a summer’s twilight serenade.

How To Make The Best Passion Star Prosecco Cocktail At Home.

The Sipping Sonata

A Symphony of Tastes

Each sip, oh cari amici, is a journey where the sweet serenade of passionfruit dances gracefully with Prosecco’s crisp embrace. It’s an experience, a celestial melody echoing the silent lullabies of Italian nights adorned with stars.

Creating Memories

The Passion Star Prosecco, with its enticing dance of sweet and sour, is not just a cocktail but an artwork, a masterpiece to grace summer evenings, impress esteemed guests, and elevate the soulful whispers of intimate gatherings.


As the melody of our beautiful Italia plays, the Passion Star Prosecco emerges as a lyrical narrative, a dance of flavors as eternal as the rolling hills kissed by the golden embrace of the sun. Each ingredient and sip is a sonnet, echoing the harmonious, soulful charm of a land where flavors, aromas, and spirit unite in a timeless dance.


  1. What is the soul of the Passion Star Prosecco Cocktail?
    • Ah, caro, it’s the harmonious dance of ripe passionfruit, crisp Prosecco, and the spirited embrace of vodka – a symphony of flavors.
  2. Can I substitute Bella Principessa Prosecco with another sparkling wine?
    • While Bella Principessa lends an Italian embrace, any fine sparkling wine may attempt to waltz in its elegant footsteps.
  3. How can I ensure the perfect blend of flavors?
    • Mix with passion, serve with grace, and sip amidst the tender embrace of the stars – for the best flavors are unveiled amidst love and laughter.
  4. Is this cocktail suitable for festive occasions?
    • Indeed, it is a dance of flavors as triumphant as a summer festival under the Italian skies.
  5. Can the cocktail be made in advance?
    • Mix freshly to let each note of the flavor’s symphony sing in harmonious splendor at the moment of enjoyment.

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